Night Shadows

Upon the bright star filled midnight

In the darkened shadowed hollow,

Headless horseman Harry poorly

lived, watching the running children,

searching for his missing blonde head.


One by one by on they do play,

golden green-eyed  Fay Morringday,

glowing blonde hair Harry did see,

a fair good head to sit upon

Headless Harry’s steady shoulders.


By the sunken sun the horseman,

Of the darkened cave did he ride

What is the best cutting method

for easily slicing a neck,

a neck so delicate and pure


Only a child, a child so sweet,

slice once and true, double-handed

will do, with blood so tart running.

running down her lovely cream neck,

green-eyed Fay Morringday did die.


You Don’t Know?

“If you don’t know, the thing to do is not to get scared, but to learn.”

                                                             -Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged)

All Alone

You know how a song gets stuck in your head? well, “in common” by Alicia keys got stuck in my head and I decided to write to the song. this “poem” roughly follows the song with a different theme and it’s not word for word. writing this, I realized I write to a lot of songs. I find it very cathartic and may start posting more under a “song” category.

You said that I’d be alright

But it’s been some years

and  you’re not in sight

Goodbyes always end in tears

I hear your voice day and night

Where are you, where are you, where did you up and go?

What am I, what am I, what am I gonna do?

How am I, how am I suppose to live life too?

We had only just begun

We were alright, me and you

We had only just begun

We were alright, me and you

Why did you have to leave me alone?

You wanna live your life all alone?

Now you’re left all on your own

I must be dead and gone too

Me and you would always fight

Crashing yells tearing from my mouth

Sweet kisses now we’re so tight

Never thought that this would go south

Now, now maybe I can finally get better

What am I saying? It’s all lies

I know that you won’t be back

I’m all alone until I die.


From time


Why don’t we fall in love


Work for it


Nobody’s perfect

Sex with me

Child’s play


Locksley Hall

“For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be.”

                                                                               -Alfred Tennyson

Just Go With The Flow Pt.2

More Thoughts i put into words. read pt.1 here

I got what you need, you don’t need anybody else

I’m good for you cause I got it, everything you ever wanted.

She doesn’t have what you need, what you want

I keep it good for you cause you’re my best

The best I’ve ever tasted

You’re ingrained in me

I can’t forget you

Forget us


Working for that green

Red lipstick smeared, touch ain’t just

Hundred dollar fee


Just as a kaleidoscope shifts

Our minds brighten, our eyes

sharpen. That definite point, that

peak between two ridges becomes

foreign. We no longer take comfort

in the road signs passing us by, telling

us what’s ahead. Naturally we know, we

have always known its inevitability.

Joy and Pain

You were the most joy to have.


You took my hand and led

The way on a joyous spring day.

Through the Southern Magnolia’s,

The periwinkle peonies, the sweetest honeysuckle,

All shrouding my senses when I needed them the most.


After tea cups of tears

You simply halted my heart.

What an autumn filled time of lies.

Lightning strikes to keep my heart alight,

But the Thunder pounds, my breath stops.


You were the most painful to have