All This

There was only ever me and you

I took a chance on you

Feelings that I knew were true

No other girl will be coming even after you

Wishing that you saw it too, no choice

Gotta change your voice

Please, girl let me love you

Tear down those walls for you

Got ways to make you stay, always lookin for the best for you

Wish that she’d see all this too

No matter if she leaves I’ll always follow

That’s why I gotta show her all my love she’ll know she has a home in me

But no, no

No you won’t find love even after all this

No you won’t find love even after all this, all this

Let’s go back.

I use to lay with you, go to the bay with you

Have good lovin, God damn

How we stayed together through the pain together

Loved calling me your man

Past come calling and you freak

Something wrong

Tears rolling in your eyes

You were blue, times a change

Times a change, pain exchanged

You know I know how to make you better

I was always better, let you know it

Girl, but I’m thinkin it too late

Let you run away

And no, no

No you won’t find love even after all this

No you won’t find love even after all this


I Think It’s Called Help

I’m so lost in my own mind

Traversing this maze in my time

Can’t you see? No, you’re so blind

Tried calling for help, there’s a line


Help. Is this what you call it?

Can I get a little bit?

Does it come in a first aid kit?

Wouldn’t know, never asked for it


Gimme a chance, let me try

I can’t promise I won’t cry

But I need this relief, no lie

Running for years, it’s do or die


Been short of breath for years

In dark corners shedding my tears

Promised myself I’d never succumb to my fears

So now I’m gonna get my blue skies clear



A Good Novel

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”

                                                                                   Jane Austen(Northanger Abbey)