13 Ways of Looking at a Hero

Throwing it back to when i wrote this parody of thirteen ways of looking at a black bird by wallace stevens for class


Among twenty muscled superheros

the only one moving

was Kal-El of Krypton.


I was of three persons

like Superman

who lived three lives.


The intergalactic traveler grew into a man.

It was a small part of a larger journey.


Clark Kent and Superman

are one.

Clark Kent, Superman and Kal-El

are one.


I do not know which to prefer

the beauty of what can be

or the beauty of what is,

The black glasses after

or just before.


Kal-El filled the phone booth

with red, blue flashes.

The flashed of Clark Kent

working lat night.

The costume

of suits before and after

an unveiling of true self.


I know Hero

and inescapable dwellings of past

but I know too

That Kal-El has

influenced what I know.


When Kal-El took flight

it marked the end

of one of many dark paths.


At the sight of Kal-El

flying in a red, blue blur

even the fast paced reporter

would cry out sharply.


He rode over Metropolis

in a yellow taxi cab.

Once he walked into a street

in that he mistook

the flash of color

for Kal-El.


The blue kryptonite is near.

The son of Jor-El must be weak.


It was quiet all night.

It was spinning.

And the Daily Planet globe would continue to spin.

Kal-El stood

In the black sky.


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