Stories- Mine

my eyes can’t lie

as I saw you walking by

it’s clear to see you’re divine

I just gotta sigh

because you’re so damn fine


Entry 2


There’s pain from falling in love

and pain when remembering too.

There are times I wish for pain so

I can feel closer to you.



Entry 1


Found friends to love

and a life to drown in.

I’m not scared to feel.

I’m scared of nothing.

My Door

I’d open that door, but I’m scared.

You see, that is no ordinary door. It’s my door.

Gold and silver wrapped around each other like vines, but no thorns.

There are enough on the other side. I hope they don’t nick you.

There’s a lot I hope doesn’t hurt you.

You see, my door may look beautiful and bright, but what it opens to is an

anomalous world.


Will that frighten you? You, who thinks they know everything about my door.

Where it came from, How it was made, What it leads to…

But what if you were wrong? What if everything you thought was wrong?

Would you still appreciate the door, my door?

You may be wrong, but there is no need for distance. My intentions were not of

deceit, I promise you. The door, my door is still the same one you looked upon

all those years ago. It’s just changed.


I’ve changed and where you thought it led was a dream of your own making.

Now, I wish you to see, but will you promise me something?

Once you open my door, walk all the way through and do not close it.

Promise me.

Promise me, for I fear it may not open again.

There are things that frighten even me about my door.

It’s of my creation and That is what I fear most.

No Name

It’s little. It’s a little pocket resting under my heart.

It vibrates with each thump of my heart. It’s warm and

filled with something I have no words for. I cherish it.

I protect it. I hate it.


It’s little. It’s a little pocket pushing under my heart.

It expands with each thump of my heart. It’s cold and

filled with tears shed at night. I cherish it. I protect it.

I hate it.

Just Go With The Flow Pt.2

More Thoughts i put into words. read pt.1 here

I got what you need, you don’t need anybody else

I’m good for you cause I got it, everything you ever wanted.

She doesn’t have what you need, what you want

I keep it good for you cause you’re my best

The best I’ve ever tasted

You’re ingrained in me

I can’t forget you

Forget us

Just Go With The Flow

A few thoughts I put into words that don’t really have any form.

Constant motion

We see their lights but death already touched their souls

Pressure builds

Muscles tight

We feel our life flowing to no end–everything ends.

Smarting moments

The tide ebbs and flows

We drift in time with nowhere to go, we’re lost. Please find me.



A sunrise can be the end of yesterday and the start of today.

It’s the first and last chapter.