All Alone

You know how a song gets stuck in your head? well, “in common” by Alicia keys got stuck in my head and I decided to write to the song. this “poem” roughly follows the song with a different theme and it’s not word for word. writing this, I realized I write to a lot of songs. I find it very cathartic and may start posting more under a “song” category.

You said that I’d be alright

But it’s been some years

and ¬†you’re not in sight

Goodbyes always end in tears

I hear your voice day and night

Where are you, where are you, where did you up and go?

What am I, what am I, what am I gonna do?

How am I, how am I suppose to live life too?

We had only just begun

We were alright, me and you

We had only just begun

We were alright, me and you

Why did you have to leave me alone?

You wanna live your life all alone?

Now you’re left all on your own

I must be dead and gone too

Me and you would always fight

Crashing yells tearing from my mouth

Sweet kisses now we’re so tight

Never thought that this would go south

Now, now maybe I can finally get better

What am I saying? It’s all lies

I know that you won’t be back

I’m all alone until I die.