Entry 2


There’s pain from fallingĀ in love

and pain when remembering too.

There are times I wish for pain so

I can feel closer to you.



Entry 1


Found friends to love

and a life to drown in.

I’m not scared to feel.

I’m scared of nothing.


a scar starred body

constellation of freckles

flesh becomes legend

Force Of Nature

your salty tears freeze

bitter wind cuts your choked scream

trees drown in your pain


Burned at my edges

Leaking life from time, just patch

me up, call me fine

You Would

numb the pain, I’d sink

to the deep end, you’d hold tight

and never let go

I Got That

This is some shit.

I just brought myself a whole lotta love

What was I thinking?

I wasn’t thinking so lets live together

Your love and me

Always beside me, I got your sharp love

I paid for the pain

I’m fucked up and this is some shit.


But I got your love.