A Kiss

warm like coffee, soft

as the patter of rain, sweet

as chocolate cake



still winter mornings

frozen, no one sees ice trail-

ling across my cheeks


a grey stone skips cross

the lake causesĀ ripples of

what was, what can be


dawn draped in shadows

whistling wind snips the candles

Death breaks and knocks thrice


a scar starred body

constellation of freckles

flesh becomes legend


crisp leaves, crisp apples

tumbling into warm sweaters

and into cold nights

Force Of Nature

your salty tears freeze

bitter wind cuts your choked scream

trees drown in your pain

My Punishment

dying inside you’re

devouring this heart, crunching

fat, muscle and bone


ticking human clocks

faded footprints cover earth

look-a sky of graves

From Here

Lost myself in all of you.

Every touch and you’re taking parts of me I’ve been remaking.

I was down in myself, no way in or out.

Then I met you and you turned me out.

Good lovin gave me no reason to doubt.

It was good for a while but then I found out.

Only building me up to be knocking me out.

How could this love give me reason to shout.

I need some savin I’m crying out.

I’m crying out.