Stories- Mine

my eyes can’t lie

as I saw you walking by

it’s clear to see you’re divine

I just gotta sigh

because you’re so damn fine


Entry 2


There’s pain from falling in love

and pain when remembering too.

There are times I wish for pain so

I can feel closer to you.



soft, gooey and warm

bittersweet lies coat his tongue

poisoning kisses

My Punishment

dying inside you’re

devouring this heart, crunching

fat, muscle and bone

From Here

Lost myself in all of you.

Every touch and you’re taking parts of me I’ve been remaking.

I was down in myself, no way in or out.

Then I met you and you turned me out.

Good lovin gave me no reason to doubt.

It was good for a while but then I found out.

Only building me up to be knocking me out.

How could this love give me reason to shout.

I need some savin I’m crying out.

I’m crying out.

Too Much, Too Soon

Skin stretched from your touch,

I’m ripping at the seams from

loving you too much


Count the stars, the moon and the sun

Close your eyes, be still in the darkness

Feel my fingers, follow them across galaxies

Through the stardust and dreams, don’t lose yourself

                         We’re here.

Open your eyes and gaze at the wonder of this world

You Would

numb the pain, I’d sink

to the deep end, you’d hold tight

and never let go

I Know

I might be crazy

but I know you like it cause

you call me baby

For You

I’d conquer the world,

traverse galaxies to see

You finally smile