Capture this moment. Right now.

You can start, but you can’t finish

You need variations in color from Cobalt to Orange.

Layout below the sunset in the warm grass.

Slip your fingers through the air.

Jump into the pond and take a sip.


Caress the Dahlia’s petals, the black ones too.

Dip your finger into the sunset and dream.

Carry that dream like a soft summer

Breeze. Don’t think, just dream and

Capture this moment like a



I imagined being kissed under the Magnolia Tree,

Blossoms falling upon our bodies,

Spring, a reminder of new beginnings.

Your touch a warmth that soothes my mind,

a silent break of joy that my wide eyes

can’t disguise.

I imagined being touched surrounded by Orchids,

Petals scratching our naked backs,

Summer, a candle burning into the night.

Your grip a tight reassurance that urges me on,

My lungs fill with air and a scream cuts my mouth,

a tear of passion that my strained hands

can’t control.

I imagined being tortured beside the Rose bush,

Thorns nicking long delicate hands,

Autumn, a dark horse carrying nightmares.

Your hold a tightening leash that reminds me,

Constant pressure wraps around my body,

a thump of worry that my pumping heart

can’t stop.

I imagined being killed with an Amaryllis in my hand,

The red trumpet flower staining my fingers.

Winter, a silent wind freezing my heart,

Your absence a destruction that knocks me down,

Blood fills my lungs and overflows my mouth,

a breathless silence that my strained mouth

can’t stop.