still winter mornings

frozen, no one sees ice trail-

ling across my cheeks

Force Of Nature

your salty tears freeze

bitter wind cuts your choked scream

trees drown in your pain

No Name

It’s little. It’s a little pocket resting under my heart.

It vibrates with each thump of my heart. It’s warm and

filled with something I have no words for. I cherish it.

I protect it. I hate it.


It’s little. It’s a little pocket pushing under my heart.

It expands with each thump of my heart. It’s cold and

filled with tears shed at night. I cherish it. I protect it.

I hate it.

I Think It’s Called Help

I’m so lost in my own mind

Traversing this maze in my time

Can’t you see? No, you’re so blind

Tried calling for help, there’s a line


Help. Is this what you call it?

Can I get a little bit?

Does it come in a first aid kit?

Wouldn’t know, never asked for it


Gimme a chance, let me try

I can’t promise I won’t cry

But I need this relief, no lie

Running for years, it’s do or die


Been short of breath for years

In dark corners shedding my tears

Promised myself I’d never succumb to my fears

So now I’m gonna get my blue skies clear



Joy and Pain

You were the most joy to have.


You took my hand and led

The way on a joyous spring day.

Through the Southern Magnolia’s,

The periwinkle peonies, the sweetest honeysuckle,

All shrouding my senses when I needed them the most.


After tea cups of tears

You simply halted my heart.

What an autumn filled time of lies.

Lightning strikes to keep my heart alight,

But the Thunder pounds, my breath stops.


You were the most painful to have