Force Of Nature

your salty tears freeze

bitter wind cuts your choked scream

trees drown in your pain

My Punishment

dying inside you’re

devouring this heart, crunching

fat, muscle and bone

13 Ways of Looking at a Hero

Throwing it back to when i wrote this parody of thirteen ways of looking at a black bird by wallace stevens for class


Among twenty muscled superheros

the only one moving

was Kal-El of Krypton.


I was of three persons

like Superman

who lived three lives.


The intergalactic traveler grew into a man.

It was a small part of a larger journey.


Clark Kent and Superman

are one.

Clark Kent, Superman and Kal-El

are one.


I do not know which to prefer

the beauty of what can be

or the beauty of what is,

The black glasses after

or just before.


Kal-El filled the phone booth

with red, blue flashes.

The flashed of Clark Kent

working lat night.

The costume

of suits before and after

an unveiling of true self.


I know Hero

and inescapable dwellings of past

but I know too

That Kal-El has

influenced what I know.


When Kal-El took flight

it marked the end

of one of many dark paths.


At the sight of Kal-El

flying in a red, blue blur

even the fast paced reporter

would cry out sharply.


He rode over Metropolis

in a yellow taxi cab.

Once he walked into a street

in that he mistook

the flash of color

for Kal-El.


The blue kryptonite is near.

The son of Jor-El must be weak.


It was quiet all night.

It was spinning.

And the Daily Planet globe would continue to spin.

Kal-El stood

In the black sky.



ticking human clocks

faded footprints cover earth

look-a sky of graves

From Here

Lost myself in all of you.

Every touch and you’re taking parts of me I’ve been remaking.

I was down in myself, no way in or out.

Then I met you and you turned me out.

Good lovin gave me no reason to doubt.

It was good for a while but then I found out.

Only building me up to be knocking me out.

How could this love give me reason to shout.

I need some savin I’m crying out.

I’m crying out.

Piece of Mind

To the moon

To the stars

A solace found

A peace of mind

Safe from yourself

No one can hurt you


          Not even yourself



Miles of golden sand

Pharaohs ruling into the

night to hazy days

Too Much, Too Soon

Skin stretched from your touch,

I’m ripping at the seams from

loving you too much


Burned at my edges

Leaking life from time, just patch

me up, call me fine


Count the stars, the moon and the sun

Close your eyes, be still in the darkness

Feel my fingers, follow them across galaxies

Through the stardust and dreams, don’t lose yourself

                         We’re here.

Open your eyes and gaze at the wonder of this world