Count the stars, the moon and the sun

Close your eyes, be still in the darkness

Feel my fingers, follow them across galaxies

Through the stardust and dreams, don’t lose yourself

                         We’re here.

Open your eyes and gaze at the wonder of this world

For You

I’d conquer the world,

traverse galaxies to see

You finally smile

What Are You Afraid Of?

your fingers left a

blazing trail on me, scorching

map of you and me


Just Go With The Flow Pt.2

More Thoughts i put into words. read pt.1 here

I got what you need, you don’t need anybody else

I’m good for you cause I got it, everything you ever wanted.

She doesn’t have what you need, what you want

I keep it good for you cause you’re my best

The best I’ve ever tasted

You’re ingrained in me

I can’t forget you

Forget us