What Everyone Wants

Written in the stars

Drowning in our paradise.

It’s not what I thought.


Stories- Mine

my eyes can’t lie

as I saw you walking by

it’s clear to see you’re divine

I just gotta sigh

because you’re so damn fine

Lost in Time

Grains of sand drifting

through azure waves steals your scream.

Sunset; end of day.

What She Has

It’s Her ocean full

of abysmal emotions

She wants to drown in.


Entry 2


There’s pain from fallingĀ in love

and pain when remembering too.

There are times I wish for pain so

I can feel closer to you.



Entry 1


Found friends to love

and a life to drown in.

I’m not scared to feel.

I’m scared of nothing.


soft, gooey and warm

bittersweet lies coat his tongue

poisoning kisses

A Kiss

warm like coffee, soft

as the patter of rain, sweet

as chocolate cake


still winter mornings

frozen, no one sees ice trail-

ling across my cheeks


a grey stone skips cross

the lake causesĀ ripples of

what was, what can be